Postpartum Belts: All You Need to Know

Gaining weight and losing shape are two things nursing mothers have to deal with after giving birth. The journey of 9 months often affects the physique of women. How can a woman gradually return and maintain the prepartum body after childbirth? And the answer is quite simple; Postpartum Belts. This article examines postpartum belts and all you need to know about them.

Sweat belt

Postpartum belts are sometimes called Belly wraps or Abdominal binders; they all mean the same thing. These wraps provide support, reduce pain, and correct distorted body positioning and shape after childbirth. They help shape the body, knowing fully how giving birth could alter and change body shape, posture, and physique in general. Whether a woman goes through Vagina delivery or C-section, postpartum belts are suitable for returning the body to its original state.

Benefits of Postpartum Belt

A postpartum belt has several benefits. Some of these benefits include aiding recovery from childbirth, especially in the area of shape, encouraging blood flow, improving posture and mobility, reducing back pain, stabilizing your pelvic floor, and providing critical support to your abdominal muscles. They also help in reducing swelling and fluid retention.

C-section recovery

Childbirth generally takes its toll on the body, but body recovery might be more complicated for mothers who deliver with C-sections. This is because the surgical cut made to gain entry to the uterus takes time to heal. This often leads to excessive bleeding, discomfort, and pain.

However, medical experts have recommended that a postpartum belt or girdle helps reduce this pain and discomfort while speeding up the body's recovery process.

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Diastasis recti

Diastasis recti is a widespread condition when your abdominal muscles separate as your belly expands during pregnancy, and they remain separated after childbirth. However, the slight compression of a postpartum belt means it can speed up the recovery process.

Where to buy it?

Postpartum belts

Myriads of belts are obtainable in the market; therefore, several factors should be considered when choosing one. Factors such as how easy these belts are to use, how comfortable they are and how they are constructed (materials used in their construction). Other factors such as cost and reviews could also be essential to consider when choosing a postpartum belt.

At The MilkBooster, we care about your postpartum development; this is why we have two types of postpartum belts available in store for you; the Recovery Belt Binder and The Postpartum Sweat Belt.

The Recovery Belt Binder helps mothers get their belly back after childbirth. It allows them to remain prim and shapely as they have always been. This belt is perfect for those who are practically concerned about their shape. The cost of purchasing this belt is just #8,000 (Eight Thousand Naira).

The second type available is The Postpartum Sweat Belt. This belt offers many benefits to mothers, specifically those who have just been put to bed. This belt costs just #10,000.

The benefit of purchasing our postpartum belts is while they are straightforward to use, they are also cost-effective. This means they are not expensive, especially when compared to other types of belts. They are also very comfortable to use. Click here to purchase via our online store.