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5 ways to increase breast milk production instantly

5 ways to increase breast milk production instantly

5 ways to increase breast milk production instantly


The Milkbooster is a company focused on improving breastmilk supply for nursing mothers to ensure that every baby is well nourished. Founded by Dr Chinny in 2017 after she struggled with producing sufficient breastmilk for her first baby. She gave birth to Zuriel in 2016 and expected an easy breastfeeding experience but that wasn’t the case even though she was a medical doctor. Her baby was born small in weight and developed complications post-delivery that resulted in her admission into the neonatal intensive care unit. Unknowingly, this was the beginning of a difficult experience. She started pumping and began producing minimal volume of breastmilk which continued same way after getting home with her daughter. For one month she tried every local recommendations from experienced mothers around her, uing every solution , from taking pap which she hates, to eating huge portions of meal to increase breastmilk supply. The struggle continued daily with a baby that is not gaining adequate weight and always crying. Her husband threatened to introduce infant formula as he couldn’t bear watching their baby starve. This made Dr Chinny to feel like a failure who had failed at her primary duty of being a mother, especially because she is a medical doctor and a big advocate of exclusive breastfeeding. As a Doctor, she knew the immense benefit of breastfeeding on babies and mothers, and she was determined to not missing out on any of them. This prompted her to begin research on possible ways to increase her breastmilk supply. She came up with delicious organic snacks that produced significant results. Within hours her breastmilk supply increased to the point that it was leaking. Her baby was now getting filled at the breast, sleeping well and gaining weight. Dr Chinny started gifting these delicious cookies to her colleagues and friends that just had babies and they testified to getting similar results. She continued baking and sharing with more people until she could not fund it anymore; many of these women kept requesting and offered to pay for it. The demand increased from baking for a few women she knew to selling to thousands of mothers across the globe. Our products now have presence in Nigeria, UK, USA, Canada, Ghana, SA and have been delivered to mothers in over 30 countries around the world. Our major focus is to help other mothers who might be feeling like a failure, to provide evidence-based knowledge and make recommendations that will be favourable to mother's mental health as well as baby's growth. The entire Milkbooster team welcomes you to the family! Make sure you explore all available free resources and send in your review when you try the lactation products.

The BreastFeeding Doc.

Dr. Chinny

Our Story wouldn't be complete without introducing the game changer. Dr Chinny is a medical doctor, a lactation consultant, member of the Academy of Breastfeeding medicine and member of lactation consultants Great Britain. Also knows as The Breastfeedingdoc, Dr Chinny has made it her mission that no baby has to suffer because of low breastmilk supply; and that no mother would ever feel like she failed at her first motherly duty as she did with her daughter. She has become a game changer in the breastfeeding space in Africa as she teaches mothers and health care providers with evidence-based breastfeeding knowledge.

Vision Statement.

Our Vision at The Milk Booster is to create an African Continent with well-nourished babies and zero infant death.

Mission Statement.

Our mission is to provide healthy breastmilk (which is the perfect nutrition) for sick pre-term, sick term babies and healthy term babies.