5 Possible Breastfeeding Complications Mothers Might Experience During their First Week

Breastfeeding comes immediately after pregnancy. The importance of breastfeeding a newborn baby cannot be overemphasised as it possesses numerous benefits. This article however, talks about the complications you might face as a breastfeeding mother in the first week after pregnancy.

Breastfeeding is painful for moms

Some of the common breastfeeding problems and complications you could experience in the first week as a mother include: Sore nipples, leaking breast, clogged milk ducts, poor breastfeeding latch, breast engorgement.

  1. Sore nipples: This is caused when your baby is not correctly latched while breastfeeding. It could persist for just a few first weeks or more than that. This comes with a particular sensation of pain around the nipples. However, this problem can be addressed by adopting a better latching system, applying ointment on the affected area, and even seeing a doctor

2. Leaking breasts: As the demand and supply chain for the milk, there would be leakage of milk from the breast. This is, however, something that doesn't last long and should be curtailed after the fourth week when milk supply is almost equivalent to milk demand. The use of disposable or washable cotton pads is preferred above the use of plastic or waterproof linen. Do not try to press your breast, as this would stimulate your breast to produce more milk.

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3. Clogged milk ducts: Clogging of the milk duct occurs when milk back up and the breast forms a red and tender lump. A clogged vent is not bad but ignoring it could cause an infection. Breastfeeding keeps milk flowing, which will eventually unclog the duct. In the meantime, apply a warm compress before each feeding, and massage the lump while you're nursing. Once your baby is done, drain the affected breast, either manually or with a breast pump. You can help prevent blocked ducts by soaking your breasts several times a day with warm water.

4. Poor breastfeeding latch: As a significant factor to consider while breastfeeding, latching can be detrimental to both baby and mother. Latching is the position of the baby while breastfeeding. If you do not get your latching right, it could cause pains in the breast and even sore nipples. Getting the proper latch is possible, and all you need to do practice (and a bit of help from an expert) really will make perfect. Get into the correct breastfeeding position, then compress your areola between your fingers.

5. Breast engorgement: Around two-thirds of all women experience breast engorgement during those initial days postpartum. Breast engorgement is experienced few days after childbirth. This happens when the breast gets rock hard just as your milk supply ratchet up. It sometimes makes it hard even to put on a bra. Breast engorgement is more frequent for first-time moms than second-time moms. The good news is breast engorgement sometimes lasts just 24 or 48 hours; you could use a warm pad to press your engorged breast and make use of a well-fitting nursing bra.