How Can You Tell Your Baby Is Getting Enough Breast Milk?

How Can You Tell Your Baby Is Getting Enough Breast Milk?

Hello nursing moms, How can you tell your baby is getting enough breast milk?

It’s one thing to breastfeed your baby and it’s another to be sure the baby is having enough breast milk from you.

And this is of importance because a well fed baby is happy and healthy.

Now how do you know your baby is being well fed as a nursing mom? Because if your newborn isn’t getting enough breast milk supply from you, then you have to improve your breast milk production to meet the demand of your baby.

In this article, you’ll learn the signs you can use to tell if your newborn is getting enough of your breast milk.

Signs To Know Your Baby Is Getting Enough Breast Milk

Here are some of the signs that can guide you with regards to this:

  1. Your Baby Feeds 8-12X Per Day

You can tell this from how well your baby latches on the breast by feeding intensely on the breast milk. If they demand as the supply of milk comes.

Hence the more frequent your baby feeds in a day, the more you can tell he is feeding well. Also while feeding, you will hear his/her latching and also see him/her swallowing a lot. With that, you can tell the baby is feeding well from your breast milk.

  1. When There’s Ease On The Pressure In Your Breast After Breastfeeding

Now sometimes as nursing mothers, you feel some kind of pressure in your breast especially when it is filled with milk. And you probably get uneasy because you have to empty the breast by either pumping or breastfeeding your baby.

If after doing this, you feel at ease, then you can be sure your baby is feeding well on the supply of your breast milk and as a result.

The point is after breastfeeding, you feel some form of emptiness in your breast and that’s the sense of relief you craved for.

  1. They Gain Weight After 2 Weeks Of Their Life

Babies add up on their weight gradually after their 2 weeks as a newborn and you will agree with me that this can only be possible if the baby is feeding well.

Each time you visit the pediatrician, there should be a change in weight gain if the baby is healthy.

  1. Your Baby Pee and Poo For At Least 6 Times A Day

Just like adults …

When we feed well, there is a high tendency for us to visit the restroom. The same applies to your baby and one way you can know this is if his Poop has a yellowish colour.

With the baby's heavy nappies or diapers a day, you can tell that the little one is getting enough food into his/her system and hence s/he is feeding enough from your breast milk.

  1. Your Nipple Looks The Same After Breastfeeding

Now when you observe that your nipple isn’t whitish after breastfeeding, then you can be relaxed that breastfeeding for your baby comes with ease.

But if the nipple doesn’t look the same after breastfeeding, then chances are your baby isn’t latching well from your breast milk, especially when the nipple looks pinched or squashed.

Key Takeaway:

Now those are a few signs of how you can tell if your baby is feeding well from your breast milk.

But please take note, the information here is to give you a guide about this, and if there are reasons to believe your baby isn’t feeding well, then do well to visit a pediatrician.