Hospital Bag List: All you need for Mom and the Baby

Whether awaiting mothers like it or not, the due date for your baby approaches rapidly after the last time you saw your period or when conception begins. This fact means there must be an invaluable priority placed on preparedness before the eventual due date arrives.

There are certain necessary items a pregnant mother should pack while getting prepared for labour and eventual delivery of their baby. This article walks you through the essential things that should be present in the maternity bag. To avoid the rush associated with labour and delivery, months before the baby's birth, some of all these items can be purchased.

hospital bag list
A young mother is kissing her newborn son on the forehead. They are at the hospital. The mother is wearing a hospital gown and the baby is wrapped in a white blanket.

We divided the list into two: things to get for your baby and items to get for yourself.

Things to pack for your baby

- Diapers depending on the hospital policy as some hospitals provide diapers for mothers

- Blankets And Swaddles to help maintain baby’s temperature

- Clothes to wear home as your baby must be clothed when going home from the hospital

-Onesies and baby overalls (You can pack for three days)

-Hat and Socks are also vital as they also help provide warmth for newborns and help protect their delicate skins.

- Breastfeeding bottles/baby spoons/small cups in case of latching issues

- Baby lotion for baby's delicate skin

- Diaper cream.

After dealing with what concerns your baby, what should you pack for yourself as a mother? Below are few things you could pack for yourself as a mother.

-Pajamas or nightgowns in case you have to stay overnight.

-Cloth you'll wear home

- Hospital paperwork for the road to avoid law enforcement officer’s mix-up.

- Photo ID for identification depending on your country of residence.

- Clothes and underwear to put on before, during and after labour room.

- A 'Who to call' list to help before, during and after labour.

- Your cell phone and charger are essential

- Snacks, preferably your MilkBooster Products, are essential as they are quick to digest.

-Reusable water bottle.

- A suitable earpiece with a relaxing music playlist, a book or a magazine; just anything to relax your mind and ease stress.

- Toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrushes and bathing soaps as well as Cosmetic.

- Skin cream, lotion or lip balm.

- Camera to capture the beautiful memories of before and after pregnancy.

- Pillows for mother's maximum comfort also.

- Slippers for short movements around the hospital.

- Maxi pads.

- Sleep mask for those who like to sleep with it.

- Earplugs to prevent noise interference while in the hospital.

-Your bible/book of affirmations

Did we miss any essential items?

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