Birthing Balls: Their Use During Pregnancy, Labour and After Delivery

Birthing balls are sometimes called exercise balls and can be seen in gyms and yoga classes, being used for physical workouts. These balls come in various shapes, and the most common ones are the Round shaped ones and Peanut balls. It is interesting to note that pregnant women can use these balls during and after pregnancy. They are made with durable materials and contain an anti-slip finish to help prevent falls and slipping off when pregnant women sit on them for long. They are naturally built for comfort.

Birthing Ball

Birthing balls are essential for pregnant women. No one can overlook the amount of pain a woman feels during pregnancy. This article looks at the benefits of using birthing balls and how they can be used during pregnancy, labor, after birth, and exercise.

During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, several pains tend to spring up. Back pains to pelvic or abdominal pain resulting from stress are mostly experienced during pregnancy. With birthing balls, especially the Peanut balls, pregnant women can relax and relieve stress. Posture exercises can be done during pregnancy with the ball, including sitting on it upright. This would help in opening the pelvic muscles and preparing them for childbirth. Sitting upright can also change your baby from a posterior to an anterior position, relieving back pain. Sitting on a pregnancy ball is also great exercise. It can strengthen your back muscles and stomach, improve posture, and prepare your body for delivery.

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During Labor

During labor, the balls can also be utilized. Research shows that birthing balls can help in getting shorter active work. Health experts also note that using a birthing ball during labor can reduce stress, anxiety, and labor pain. Birthing balls can be used to experiment with various positions and choose the most comfortable one during delivery.

After giving birth

After labor, postpartum pains are inevitable. Sharp pains would be felt at various corners of the body, making sitting or lying better with a ball. This would help to relieve stress and reduce pain. The balls could be slightly deflated to make them softer and more comfortable. This way, one can sit on the ball while watching TV, relaxing, or breastfeeding.

Pregnancy ball

Exercising with birthing balls

Many types of exercise can be carried out with birthing balls. Activity such as gently bouncing on the birthing balls for a few minutes can give you stability and balance and strengthen the legs. Other exercises include overhead ball squat and takeaway. These exercises are essential for those who would want to regain their physical shape quickly.

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