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5 healthy products to boost my breast milk supply

5 healthy products to boost my breast milk supply

milky lactation supplement

Every motherhood products you'll ever need. From pregnancy, to breastfeeding and weaning all in one place.

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Our Consultation Plans

Pre-natal consultation

(30-Minutes Session)

This plan is recommended for pregnant moms who want to get ready for breastfeeding. The plan consists of a 30-minutes video consultation with Dr. Chinny


Follow up call available for – N20,000


Breastfeeding Consultation

(One-Hour Session)

This plan is recommended for mothers with any kind of breastfeeding issues. Ranging from Tongue tie, low milk supply, inverted/flat nipples, inability to latch, breast infections etc. The plan consists of a one-hour video session with Dr Chinny.


Follow up call available for – N30,000


Induced lactation consultation

(One-Hour Session)

This is a plan for intending mothers who are expecting their babies via adoption or surrogacy. The plan will teach them how to produce enough milk for their babies and breastfeed successfully. It is advised that mothers start as early as 6 months before babies arrive.

The plan consists of a one-hour video session, a report after the call and 2 email follow-ups.


Follow up call available for – N50,000


Customers reviews/testimonials

What Customers say

“So wonderful, my cookies finished yesterday, today my baby show me her hungry toes, eating like hungry man, even at night, eat 3 times before morning”. Mrs. Mojisola WilliamsEntrepreneur Mrs. Mojisola Williams “Tried the cookies, it worked. God bless you for producing this for us (mothers). Going to try more, thank you. My breast milk leaks so much, it wets my top in the night”. Mrs Nagwe SampaBusiness Woman Mrs Nagwe Sampa “Got another set of cookies. I don’t know the magic in these cookies and I wish to know. Within 2 hours of taking 2 cookies, I noticed the rush in my breast and immediately I had to pump for the first time because the baby just sucked and was sleeping. Mrs. Adebola OlawaleBusiness Woman Mrs. Adebola Olawale “Engorgement wanted to kill me when i woke up this morning, my whole bed was soaked, My bed was soaked by the time i woke up this”. Mrs. Obi AdaezeEntrepreneur Mrs. Obi Adaeze “I took only the cocoa mix last night and i notice the difference, I can practically feel the milk rushing”. Mrs. Lydia OdokaBusiness Woman Mrs. Lydia Odoka “Still on your product matter, it's working,just ate the cookies and it performed wonders.” Mrs. Nana Aysha SuleimanFashion Designer for Kids Clothing. Mrs. Nana Aysha Suleiman