Meal Plan

BreastFeeding Meal Plan

5 ways to increase breast milk production

5 ways to increase breast milk production

Breastfeeding Cookies-Coconut

It is essential for every breastfeeding mum to eat the right meals that will nourish her baby(ies), enhance her postpartum recovery as well as help increase her milk supply. Breastfeeding mothers burn about 200 to 500 calories a day just from breastfeeding alone. To produce 1 ounce/ 29ml of breastmilk you burn about 20cal. So, the more breastmilk you produce, the more calories you burn.

Who wouldn’t want that!

My low milk supply became a thing of the past when I started eating the right breastfeeding meals in addition to the Milkbooster lactation products. - Dr Chinny

So here is the recommended 10 days Breastfeeding Meal Plan guaranteed to help increase your supply within one to three days. You can move them around each day to suit your style.


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Breastfeeding is worth it. Lots of Love.
Dr Chinny.